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Polish Humanitarian Organisation
Szpitalna St.5 Appt.3
00-031, Warsaw


Polish Humanitarian Organization (PHO), is a non governmental organization, public benefit organization maintained with voluntary contributions. PHO mission is to make the world a better place through alleviation of human suffering and promotion of humanitarian values.

PHO realizes its mission by helping communities in crises to regain responsibility for their own future and become self-reliant. PHO shapes humanitarian attitudes among the public and creates modern culture of mutual help. PHO combines effectiveness with the respect for human dignity.

PHO provides humanitarian and development assistance to the people who need, regardless of their faith, nationality and race yet respecing cultural differences, as well as promotes humanitarian and development education. PHO has been estabilished in December 1992. Until December 1994 it was operating under the name of Equi Libre Foundation.

The Humanitarian and Development Education Programme is aimed to increase the awareness of global development and humanitarian issues amongst young people in Poland, as well as promote the attitude of tolerance, respect and solidarity. Education project include: Trainings for Teachers, National Awareness Raising Compaigns, Network of Volunteer Trainers, publishing of magazine for young volunteers (, and project of volunteerism in the global South (GLEN) that is being developed in partnership with European organisations.

The Refugee Counseling Centre provides basic social and legal aid to foreigners, to whom the refugee status has been granted, as well as to those who are applying for such a status, persons, to whom the refugee status has been refused and illegal immigrants who want to legalize their stay. The mission of the Centre is to help refugees begin a new life in Poland and integrate them into the Polish society.