Project Partner


Project coordinator
Intercultura-AFS Portugal
Rua de Santa Justa, 38 4 P  
1100-485, Lisboa


Intercultura-AFS Portugal is a national, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization, that provides Intercultural Learning opportunities to help people to develop knowledge, skills and understanding, needed to create a more just and peaceful world. It operates in Portugal since 1956, and is organized in 12 local volunteers’ chapters over the country and a staff office with 8 people.

Intercultura-AFS Portugal is a member of the international organization AFS-Intercultural Programs that gathers more than 60 independent organizations worldwide, and is a member of the European Federation for Intercultural Learning- EFIL. The main activities include secondary school-based exchange of students ranging from age 15 to 18 who stay abroad for one year, semester or trimester (sending and hosting). In addition, AFS organizations work with families, schools and local communities to promote peace, tolerance, and global responsibility through intercultural learning.

The volunteers and a small staff group, make all the Intercultura activities happen. They are young and old, men and women, busy professionals and retirees, students and teachers. While helping others, AFS volunteers also gain a lot, as personal and social development. They experience the value of intercultural dialogue, develop and practice languages, leadership and professional skills and participle actively in community activities. Intercultura-AFS Portugal also provides Seminars, development and training opportunities for volunteers and skills for these to interact with different target groups in local communities.

As the chapters are held in different areas over the country (as Ribatejo or Sudoeste Alentejano – this one will be responsible for the majority of the project activities), their local intervention aims to give an answer to the community needs as a model for active participation society – for integration; be aware of their own specificity and respect the differences, sharing, learning together how to live together.